Central Square planning report

Please find below a report on pedestrian and cycle flow in the proposed central square and bus station developement, which highlights some problems for cyclists with the present scheme.

BuroHappold study4cycling 15Apr'15.doc
Microsoft Word document [838.0 KB]


Ely bridge planning notification

Please find notification of changes to the planning application for the Ely paper mill developement below. It includes the address for returning comments on the proposal to the council.

Ely bridge planning notice.rtf
Text document [11.9 KB]


Bike Week 2014 information

Please find below updated information about 2014 Bike Week, with the cycle campaign's commuter challenge highlighted in yellow:-


Bike Week Cardiff June 2014rev1highlight[...]
Microsoft Word document [5.7 KB]
Bike Week 2014 1st eshot.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [124.2 KB]



Pontywerin bridge access


Here is a sketch map (on a Google map base) of some extra cycle paths the Campaign would like to see on the Cardiff side of the Pontywerin bridge.

Portable network image format [877.0 KB]



Council proposals in Roath


See below downloads of council plans for street alterations in parts of Roath. Comments can be sent direct to the council or via CCC.


Council proposal for Moy Road area
SchemeMoy Road.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [194.2 KB]
Donald St proposals
Adobe Acrobat document [310.8 KB]




AGM questions - Council responses

Cardiff Council's responses to questions put to them by the Campaign for the 2013 AGM
Responses to CCCampaign q 11 11 13 v2.do[...]
Microsoft Word document [28.5 KB]



Free Adult Cycle Training



See council leaflets below re free cycle training:-






Cycle campaign meeting notes


For members interested in what gets discussed at campaign monthly meetings here are the notes of the last meeting:-

Cardiff Cycling Campaign, notes of meeti[...]
Microsoft Word document [48.5 KB]

Active Travel Bill


Please find below responses to the Welsh Government in consultation on the Active Travel Bill.

Cardiff Cycling Campaign_s Response to A[...]
Microsoft Word document [89.0 KB]
Summary of responses to the Welsh Govern[...]
Microsoft Word document [141.5 KB]
Welsh Government - reflecting consultati[...]
Microsoft Word document [68.0 KB]

Cardiff One Planet City


Cardiff's One-Planet Vision is blind on Transport.

CCC says the claim to be changing to sustainable transport is "fantasy".

In reality - public transport use is low and services poor. There are also low levels of walking and lots of car-based commuting. Stated aims to improve the modal split are modest, far below comparable cities, and Cardiff's carbon footprint per person is a third bigger than Bristol's and 70% higher than Newcastle's. The full critique can be downloaded below.


CCC Response toCdfOnePlanet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [17.0 KB]

Welsh Government Active Travel Bill


Cardiff Cycling Campaign responses to consultations by the Welsh government on its active travel bill can be downloaded below.

Consultation on Active Travel (Wales) Bi[...]
Microsoft Word document [71.5 KB]
Cycling and walking routes to be provide[...]
Microsoft Word document [143.0 KB]



Cycle counts


The following cycle counts were carried out by a CCC activist. The dateline includes some charts on the trends over the last 8 years including male / female cyclists & growth in observed helmet wearing at the survey site.

cycle count 5th October 2016 report.doc
Microsoft Word document [182.0 KB]
cycle count 18th July 2014.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [85.3 KB]
Cycle count dateline 1992 - 2012.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [47.0 KB]
cycle count 26th July 2012 report.doc
Microsoft Word document [950.5 KB]
cycle count 25th May 2012 report.doc
Microsoft Word document [1.9 MB]
Adobe Acrobat document [172.8 KB]
Text document [284.2 KB]
Text document [281.8 KB]
Text document [310.4 KB]



Cycle route priority improvements.


The following document has outlines and priorities for cycle route developements in Cardff.

We would welcome comments from members. E-mail form


Cardiff cycle route priorities
Adobe Acrobat document [257.6 KB]



Cardiff cycle provision guidelines


The following document details draft guidelines for provision of cycle facilities in Cardiff. Your comments would be welcome. E-mail form


Draft Cardiff cycle design document
Adobe Acrobat document [7.6 MB]



Cardiff Cycling Campaign

Comments on the draft Cardiff Cycle Design Guide


The proposed Cycle Design Guide is intended to be the first point of reference for the design of all traffic schemes in order to ensure that the needs of cyclists are fully considered. Cardiff Council is committed to engaging and consulting widely on all schemes; proper engagement with stakeholders can help develop designs that are more practical and usable than those based simply on standard details.


Cardiff Cycling Campaign welcomes the proposed commitment to considering the needs of cyclists in all highway schemes and to the principles contained in Manual for Streets 2 and the hierarchy of provision. The hierarchy of provision is:

o Reduce traffic speeds and / or flows
o Mandatory cycle lanes
o Advisory cycle lanes

o Providing parallel off road routes


In particular, the Campaign supports the statement that “cycle routes must be
continuous and coherent.”, seeking to minimise lane widths for general traffic
appropriate to the road type and traffic conditions and reallocating available road space to provide / improve the provision of cycling facilities.


Cardiff Cycling Campaign has always argued for the application of design standards and the necessity of a design and audit process that involves cyclists and others. The Strategic Cycle Route Network is an opportunity to implement the principles and guidance contained in the proposed Guide, an opportunity to address the priorities in the corridor approach to main traffic routes into and within the city centre. The Campaign recognises that areas of restricted vehicular access provides opportunities to improve cyclists’ access but also the priority of pedestrian provision including provision for disabled people through the use of Equality Impact Assessment of schemes.


In summary, the Campaign wants a ‘sea-change’ in the consideration of cycling in highway and land developments, using available development funds imaginatively and creatively to create coherent and continuous routes that are integral to the road network and not marginal to the management of traffic, enabling real change in the proportion of journeys made be cycling in Cardiff.


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